Gambling is a particular style of risk taking that is exciting and fun. For most people who enjoy gambling in a casino, it is an entertaining experience. However, there is a minority of people, who cannot control their passion and put themselves at a risk of becoming addicted to anything, including gaming.

Storm International, the management company of the Shangri La casino chain, is a responsible gaming operator who understands the potential risks of gambling. We want to make sure that our guests are fully aware of those risks. By providing accurate information, we hope to safeguard our visitors from obsessive gaming.


Problem gamblers will continue playing whether winning or losing. When a player loses sight of the amusement factor, gambling turns into an addiction; it becomes an obsession and the focus of the person’s life. Gamblers with a gambling addiction are unable to control their impulses. and spends excessive amounts of time and money gambling. As gambling takes over their life, many other things can suffer: family life, employment and other interests. Gamblers with a gambling addiction frequently start thinking about gambling as a way to make money or, even worse, try to win back or recoup money they have already lost (loss-chase). These players may engage in illegal activity to gain funds or (take out big loans for gambling they are unable to repay). As a result, obsessive gamblers lose control over their lives as well as their self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you feel like you have a gambling problem – first be honest with yourself and then with others.


1) Gambling – is a type of entertainment. When you play, the opportunity to win is just part of the overall experience.
2) Gambling is NOT an opportunity to solve your financial, emotional or social problems.
3) Gambling should take a relatively small part of your time.
4) You should only spend your disposable income on gambling.
5) You should set yourself time limits and keep to it.
6) You should have a good balance between gambling activities and your other leisure.


Go through the following survey and the more often you respond “yes” to the questions the more serious your problem may be:

Do not stay alone with problems. Search support and reliable information. Talk about it with someone you can trust. Talk to the casino- or slot-manager; their experience in the industry gives them an awareness of the issues involved. They can help.

We guarantee discretion and confidentiality at all times.

Control the game – do not let the game control You!