Min: 50 000 Max: 100 000



Min: 12 500 Max: 20 000



Min: 1 000 Max: 3 000



Min: 100 Max: 300


Shangri La offers a wide variety of machines with your favorite and the latest games from the best manufacturers, in four defined areas of the casino. We offer a range of denominations and bets to suit the most casual player up to the most refined one. Electronic roulette is available on the casino floor with bets starting from 20 Tetri.

Our highly trained staff will be happy to satisfy your every request.

Live roulette with electronic terminals

We also have electronic terminals connected to live roulette tables with a dealer. This gives you the opportunity to play one or several live American Roulettes the same time, via an electronic terminal.

Slot Club Card and Cashback 10%

Playing with our Slot Club Card provides you with access to an automated 10% cash back system, which is activated on sums above 500 GEL. The cashback is calculated every 6 hours. Every bet that you make using a Slot Club Card allows you earn points that can be redeemed for play or cash. Ask our staff for more details when you receive your slot card.

Mystery Jackpots

In our Slot areas you’ll find a variety of mystery slot jackpots ranging from exciting regular quick hitting Jackpots to large rewarding jackpots to suit everyone’s needs. You can check the amounts of several of our jackpots live here, at the official website of the casino.

VIP Slots

Enjoy the exclusivity of our higher limit slots in both of our VIP Slot areas: exclusive and unique VIP Club X.O. or our private slot area where you will receive personalized service from our dedicated VIP staff.